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Vadodara Enviro Channel Limited (VECL) is in the business of Conveyance of the treated wastewater for more than 250 Industrial Units in and around Vadodara District of Gujarat State through the 55 km long Channel and safely disposing the same into the Bay of Cambay. Vadodara Enviro Channel Limited has built its reputation by successfully conveying the treated wastewater since last 30 years. Dedicated to the protection and preservation of the nearby Environment and a standard of excellence, our team and in-house management collectively represent a wealth of experience.

Analysis of Waste Water Samples

VECL has renovated the entire Laboratory and equipped it with critical instrument for the correct measurement of the different pollutants.

Rain Water Harvesting

After the installing two rain water harvesting system, VECL got an opportunity to learn a lesson how to re mediate the contaminated ground water.

Waste Exchange Databank

Waste of one industry could be the Raw Material of another Industry. Also, certain quality of waste material may be use as a fuel by other industry. K

Environmental Consultancy

Since last one year VECL specially observed that most of the VECL members are not at all equipped for the real Environmental solution. Even some of

Recycle of Treated waste water

VECL has a great potential to recycle about 20 to 30 MLD water (after certain treatments) at the nearby Industrial belt for the off-grade requirement.

Green Audit

VECL’s Green Audit covers the entire process cycle of the Manufacturing industries. The main benefit of this audit is the optimization of the Resou

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